August 9, 2021

Hugo's Metaverse

Hugo Metaverse

As most of the community members know, Hugo is going to release it’s own NFTs. There will be a total of 1000 NFTs minted with all kinds of attributes and rarities. On Hugo’s twitter page there are already some sneak peaks of the upcoming NFTs. These NFTs will all be randomly on-chain generated so totally transparent and decentralized. A few of the 1000 to be minted NFTs will be reserved for our great community, holders and giveaways. The goal of launching this NFT project is to incentivize holding and buying Hugo tokens. All of the Hugo NFTs will be sold in exchange for Hugo tokens, this means that people who want to buy the NFTs have to own Hugo to buy these. A Hugo NFT will cost 50.000 Hugo and DAO proposal will be to burn a percentage of all these Hugo tokens will be raised through NFT minting. This will be beneficial for the scarcity and utility of the token.

The second functionallity will add a little twist to the Hugo NFT. Instead of minting Hugo NFTs straight away, you wil only be able to mint Hugo eggs. These eggs will also be priced at 50.000 Hugo per piece. In order to hatch these eggs, owners will have to stake them in a pool simultaneously with their Hugo tokens. Slowly but surely they will hatch and a Hugo NFT will be generated through after finalizing the hatching process.

Which system do you like the most? We love to hear the feedback from the community to do what most Hugo holders like to see.

Why Hugo NFTs?

You might have noticed it, the NFT space is blowing up at the moment. OpenSea has reached peak volumes and Crypto Twitter is packed with NFT as profile pictures. There is no reason for Hugo Finance to not release it's own NFTs. The momentum is building up on the Ethereum network.
And this seems like the perfect timing for Hugo Finance to bring the NFT products that are being built to the market.
There are a lot of advantages that Binance Smart Chain brings for NFT utility and gas fees on Ethereum are contiously rising.
With Hugo Finance being a BSC native token we are confident in building further on the BSC network and contributing to the overal growth of our community.

Hugo’s NFT marketplace

During the NFT season the main objective of Hugo Finance is to be a pioneer in the NFT space on the Binance Smart Chain.
Our vision is to keep building towards growth and innovation for DeFi and GameFi.
Building the right product optimized for our audience and creating a platform that will be convenient for usage and adoption.

Hugo Community

Hugo is a community driven project governed through a DAO system.
The team will gladly appreciate all feedback that we receive from our current and new community members.
This will assist the project in further development and implementation of functionallities on the Hugo platforms.