August 17, 2021

The world of Hugo and NFTs

Okay, I'm holding an NFT, what now? Hugo is planning to give more use and utility to these NFTs. At this moment the Hugo team is developing and creating a Hugo NFT-based game. Gaming is just one subject where NFTs come in handy. Maybe you have a specific use case for NFTs, don't hesitate to contact us or make a proposal on the DAO platform. But for now, let's dig deeper in the world of gaming as it is now and how it could be.

Most of us, if not all of us, have played several games for many many hours. The basic concept of (most) games is to complete a challenge and get rewarded for it. Well imagine that all those rewards were assets that you could really possess and trade, wouldn't that make gaming more useful?

Take any online game where you buy or obtain items as skins or items as an example.
You grind your way through the game, putting in many hours and energy to complete.
And once you stop playing the game all the money, loot and other collectibles you've gathered seem to be for nothing.

Of course, you had a good time playing those games. But thanks to the digital revolution you can have a good time as well as ownership of your digital assets. That makes it possible to trade your assets with other players. That way when you are done playing that one particular game you've spent more hours on than you would like to admit. All your in-game collections won't become useless in an instant. All those hours, aren't forgotten.

This would be the perfect opportunity to trade those assets with other players, so you can have a head start in your new favorite game. Or who knows, maybe those assets are worth a lot of paper money.

Hugo believes in a decentralized financial system and a free market. It seems only logical to explore the opportunities of GameFi. We believe that it's possible to create a community formed open world game which has its own financial ecosystem. In the future players will be eligible to explore lands, collect items; edibles; valuables, build homes; public spaces; dungeons and combat with each other. Everything will be ownable and tradeable, which keeps the game alive. Of course, we are right now in the early stage of this process. Currently we are conceptualizing this ambitious game.

This is where we need help from our community. This is a game for you, built by you! Let us know which games consumed most of your time? What is it that you are looking for in a game? Do you like card games, fighting or racing games or other types of games? The questions are just for inspirational purposes. Be creative and let us know through Twitter, Telegram or Discord. Finally don't forget it's still possible to put in any proposal at the round table, put our Decentralized Autonomous Organisation to work.

We can't wait to hear from our community. See you soon on the moon.

Team Hugo